Residential and commercial real estate advisory – project development – property sales services Infrastructure business development and project consultancy 

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Our secret formula for success and customer satisfaction comes from an extensive global client network paired with our existing real estate inventory and the possibility of property development. Furthermore our internationally experienced team which is equipped to deal with extensive infrastructure project development and execution.

We provide consulting and management services to clients in Europe, Middle East and India. Through our activities and partner network we procure, develop, manage, finance, and invest in infrastructure and property assets.

Our real estate specialists guide and support our clients through the entire process of due diligence, evaluation, purchase , refurbishing  and developing of residential - as well as commercial property investment and real estate projects.                                   

Our company is particularly active in the field of hotel property sales, development and start-ups with big inventory in Switzerland and Spain.

Our team and partners provide professional support and consultancy for global public and private infrastructure projects. In particular we offer business development and consultancy for infrastructure companies, for private as well as for public investors in their endeavours to explore into specific market development aimed to initiate and plan transportation infrastructure projects.